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Fuel and Lubricant Supply

Warrior offers an all-inclusive experience through relationships and contracts with some of the largest names in the fuel and lubricant industries. Warrior focuses on punctual and accurate deliveries that also reduce cost, increase safety, and improve energy efficiency.  Here at Warrior, there is no need too small and no challenge too large.


Remote Account Management

Warrior offers the advantage of using cellular monitors to track daily tank levels and usage.  These monitors also help eliminate costly downtime.  Warrior personnel will notify you when your product level is low or you may specify a fill point. Flexible reporting functions allow you to use your remote monitor to track usage, reconcile inventory and catch losses.


Warrior offers tank installation and leasing to all of our customers. Our professionals will customize a tank setup to fit your jobsite or industrial application.


Temporary Construction Job Sites

We can setup and deliver tanks direct to your job sites. Warrior can accommodate all jobs, large or small.

Disaster Relief

Warrior can provide tanks or on-site fueling in the event of a disaster.